Early Intervention

Greenacres Early Intervention

Every child in Greenacres care has the right to a wonderful experience of fun, learning and development. It is important throughout that we are able to monitor your child’s progress individually and intervene early if any struggles are apparent. We work closely to support parents in conjuction with other professionals if needed. Our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) alongside your keyworkers will ensure as a parent that you are informed, included and supported through any challenging times.

Our setting is a totally inclusive environment for every adult and child. We believe that each of us has needs personal to our individual being, so it sits naturally with us that any diverse, additional or complex needs will be accommodated as part our ethos. Barriers will be discarded and adaptations put in place to ensure that everyone who enters our building has the best possible experience regardless of individuality.

Differences are very positively celebrated and understood within a philosophy of respect for ourselves and each other.