Safe Guarding

Safe Guarding Policy

It is our responsibility to put the needs of children’s safety as paramount to our existence. Please do not be offended if questions are asked as your child’s protection is our priority. We work very hard to support every family unit and will never breach confidentiality or act unprofessionally.

There is much information available to explain our commitment to safeguarding and the procedures we follow. It is a good idea for all parents to be familiar with these policies and of course feel confident to discuss further how your child’s safety and wellbeing is put firmly in our hands when they are in our care.

We have a safeguarding lead professional on site at the setting who is trained alongside your keyworker to support any parents who are experiencing difficult times and will make decisions on when a referral to the SPA team may be needed. Please take note of our Safeguarding Board to be assured of how seriously we take the safety and protection of your child.