Parents As Partners

Greenacres Parents as Partners

Every term parents will receive a newsletter from Miss Susan updating families on news, what’s going on at Greenacres and any new legislation. It will often contain a policy review and some deeper information on our curriculums.
Alongside this, each room will write a newsletter that is much more personal to the individual classes. This includes dates for the diary, activity updates and staff news and updates.
All current newsletters will be available on the APP for you to browse at any time, but if you have given us your email address we can send it directly to you. Paper copies will be available in the foyers.

At the end of each planning and development cycle your keyworker will invite you to come in for a one to one consultation to discuss your child’s experiences at the setting. Using your child’s Individual Learning Plan we can fully discuss progress being made and share your child’s interests and next steps to their learning. By sharing information and expectations we can develop the next goals and how to achieve them together. Areas of concern or intervention needed can then be discussed and a shared action plan put in place. This is a really great time for keyworkers and parents to get to know each other.

Every six months we run a parent forum and open evening at your setting. After much consultation with parents and their busy lives we decided to make this event quite multi-purpose to encourage as many people to come as possible. The evening starts with a drop-in, a chance for staff to chat and show you round and then moves on to a parent forum session where families really get a chance to help us make decisions and develop our practices.
If parents would like to stay for the workshop afterwards, it is usually about current issues, deeper understanding of how we assess children’s learning or information to inspire great activity and ideas with your children.
On top of this you can also book one to one sessions with your keyworker, the manager, or Miss Susan herself. These spaces are limited so please do fill your form in promptly.

Why not come and witness first hand exactly what we do with our curriculums and our days of fun and activity. As they say, “if you walked a mile in our shoes……” you’d learn so much more about what we do and why we do it. It is often better to do this on a day or in an area when your child isn’t with you so that you get a chance to really witness and join the activities for yourself. It’s a great way to meet staff and see how they work, maybe find out more about the next room that your child is going to move up to, or just understand some of the techniques or behind the scene plans.
Work with us for the morning and then finish with a relaxed lunch with Miss Susan and your keyworker to discuss your experience.

We use many ways of evaluating our setting from all different angles. Gaining a diversity of opinions from staff, parents, other professionals and of course the children, we can ensure to always be developing.
We are never complacent that we have achieved our maximum potential, so whether it is at parent forums, questionnaires or a quick phone call, we welcome your suggestions. Our continuous improvement folder is a working document with active goals to achieve.

There is a full procedure in place for parents to be reassured that they will be listened to and taken seriously. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think as this is the only way that we can evaluate that we are doing the best we can for you and your child. Listening to parents as our partners gives us the opportunity to improve and enhance our practice. This is why we work so hard on ensuring that our relationship is one of trust and respect. By providing opportunity with questionnaires, open evenings and forums, drop-ins and open house we hope that you always feel you can talk to us.
Sometimes a quick chat with a trusted staff member or manager is all you need to set things back on track, but Susan Green is also always available as the owner to solve any anxieties. Please be assured that whichever route you take it will be dealt with promptly.
If at any point you feel we have not resolved your issues you may call OFSTED our governing body to take things further.